About Excellent Photography

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Who I am :

My name is Ubald. I grew up on a hobby farm in Lemieux, Ontario and come from a family with sixteen siblings. I worked the farm with my dad and cut trees to sell for fire wood, in later years. I had a roofing business and worked in that trade for 30 years .

What I do ?

At the moment I drive for a company to deliver Heavy Truck Parts . I love to play golf , fishing , hunting , dancing travelling and much more . I have a passion for photography of any kind and I am good at it .

Why should my customer choose or trust me ?

My customers should choose me because when it comes to photography, I have an knack for seeing what is not clear to all eyes, I recognize beauty within and in many nature surroundings, I find my efforts in photography are outstanding in comparison as I put in effort to provide quality and special consideration for what my customer seeks.
My customers can trust me because I believe in being truthfulness, honest, loyal and give complete respect to those around me.I live a clean fulfilling live and enjoy sharing the pleasures of a great scenery, moment caught in time or special event that can be locked forever by taking the perfect picture at the precise moment it exists. In general, everyone who meets me, sees my qualities and appeal and tend to like me for who I am, along with the fact that I love to be around people and share in the pleasures that life have to offer in any surrounding .